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ADHD Pictures: Symptoms in Children

A girl is not motivated to finish homework.
ADHD Symptoms: Inattention
A mom is frustrated with her child's poor schoolwork.
A teacher is not happy about her student's inattention.
A boy covers his hears and does not listen to his mother.
A bored and inattentive boy in school.
A girl sits in her disorganized and messy bedroom.
A father tries to help his son who doesn't understand and is giving up on homework.
A girl who lost something but doesn't seem to care.
A boy daydreams in class while other students work.
Girl has forgotten how to do an assignment in class.
ADHD Symptoms: Hyperactivity
A boy fidgets with his hands in his mouth.
A girl is not happy about having to stay in her seat during class.
A girl yells while climbing on playground equipment.
A boy intentionally ruins a game of chess by knocking pieces over.
A girl talks excessively to another girl while in class.
ADHD Symptoms: Impulsivity
A girl raises her hand and yells out an answer in class.
A boy is not happy about having to wait his turn.
A boy interrupts another boy in a classroom.
A doctor talks to a boy with ADHD.

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ADHD in Children

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ADHD Symptoms in Children

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