February 11, 2016
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Adult ADHD (cont.)

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Are there any home remedies for adult ADHD?

While further research is needed to determine the potential effectiveness of natural remedies for treatment of ADHD, a number of parents use such alternative treatments in an attempt to help their children. Such remedies include dietary restrictions and vitamin supplements. A significant limitation of these remedies includes the difficulty in implementing them. Also, the already limited research available on the effectiveness of these remedies generally does not include studies on adults.

Lifestyle improvements have been found to help reduce some symptoms in children and therefore should be considered for adults as well. Such improvements include regular exercise and ensuring the person receives adequate sleep each night.

What are complications of adult ADHD?

Adults who are living with ADHD are at higher risk for having low self-esteem, more depression, anxiety, and less adaptive social skills compared to adults who do not have the disorder. Developing other mental-health conditions (co-morbidity) is more common in adults who have hyperactivity and impulsivity rather than inattention as characteristics of ADHD. ADHD adults are also more likely to be in more motor-vehicle accidents, smoke cigarettes, use drugs, have anger problems, and to engage in antisocial behaviors, particularly if untreated.

Relationships/family life

Adults with ADHD tend to have more trouble with self-control and marital problems, as well as problems with peers and authority figures. They may be socially isolated.

Education and career

Adults with ADHD tend to complete fewer years of education. These individuals seem to be attracted to careers that often provide excitement, like sales. They tend to be plagued by procrastination, frequent changes in jobs, as well as lose more jobs and have difficulty organizing work tasks.

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