May 25, 2017
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"Nov. 12, 2012 -- The requirement to fast before a cholesterol check can be a major inconvenience.

People who forget to fast may be told to reschedule their appointments. For those who remember, sitting in a doctor's waiting room with "...



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Therapy with lipid-altering agents should be one component of multiple risk factor intervention in individuals who require modifications of their lipid profile. Drug therapy is recommended as an adjunct to a diet restricted in saturated fat and cholesterol only when the response to diet and other nonpharmacological measures has been inadequate.

Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease

In patients without symptomatic coronary heart disease (CHD), but at high risk, Altoprev® is indicated to reduce the risk of:

Coronary Heart Disease

Altoprev® is indicated to slow the progression of coronary atherosclerosis in patients with coronary heart disease as part of a treatment strategy to lower Total-C and LDL-C to target levels.


Altoprev® is indicated as an adjunct to diet for the reduction of elevated Total-C, LDL-C, Apo B, and TG, and to increase HDL-C in patients with primary hypercholesterolemia (heterozygous familial and non-familial) and mixed dyslipidemia (Fredrickson types IIa and IIb).

Limitations Of Use

Altoprev® has not been studied in Fredrickson Types I, III, and V.


Hyperlipidemia (Heterozygous Familial and Nonfamilial) and Mixed Dyslipidemia (Fredricks on Types IIa and IIb)

The recommended dosing range is 20-60 mg/day, in single doses taken in the evening at bedtime.

Elderly Patients

The usual recommended starting dose in elderly patients (age ≥ 65 years) is 20 mg once a day given in the evening at bedtime. Higher doses should be used only after careful consideration of the potential risks and benefits [see Use in Specific Populations and WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].

Co-administration With Other Drugs

Patients Taking Danazol, Diltiazem, Dronedarone, Or Verapamil

The dose of Altoprev should not exceed 20 mg/day [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].

Patients Taking Amiodarone

The dose of Altoprev should not exceed 40 mg/day. [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS and DRUG INTERACTIONS].

Dosage In Patients With Renal Impairment

In patients with severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance < 30 mL/min), dosage increases above 20 mg/day should only be considered if the expected benefit exceeds the increased risk of myopathy/rhabdomyolysis. [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS and CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY].


Dosage Forms And Strengths

Altoprev® (lovastatin extended-release) tablets are supplied as round, convex shaped tablets containing 20 mg, 40 mg and 60 mg of lovastatin.

Storage And Handling

Altoprev® lovastatin extended-release tablets are supplied as round, convex shaped tablets containing 20 mg, 40 mg and 60 mg of lovastatin.

NDC 70515-628-30: 20 mg extended-release orange-colored tablets imprinted with Andrx logo and 20 on one side, bottles of 30.

NDC 70515-629-30: 40 mg extended-release peach-colored tablets imprinted with Andrx logo and 40 on one side, bottles of 30.

NDC 70515-630-30: 60 mg extended-release light peach-colored tablets imprinted with Andrx logo and 60 on one side, bottles of 30.


Store at 20°-25°C (68°-77°F) - Excursions Permitted to 15°-30°C (59° -86°F) [See USP Controlled Room Temperature]. Avoid excessive heat and humidity.

Manufactured for: Covis Pharma, Zug, 6300 Switzerland. Revised: Apr 2016

This monograph has been modified to include the generic and brand name in many instances.

Last reviewed on RxList: 12/12/2016

How Supplied

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