June 27, 2016
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Aminosyn RF 5.2

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Aminosyn RF 5.2% Sulfite Free


Aminosyn-RF 5.2%, Sulfite-Free, (an amino acid injection — renal formula) is a mixture of amino acids specifically designed for patients with acute renal failure who are unable to eat. The use of these essential amino acids in the management of the uremic patient is based on the minimal requirements for each of the eight amino acids essential in adult nutrition established by Rose. In renal failure nonspecific nitrogen such as urea, glycine, or ammonium chloride, are broken down in the intestine. The ammonia formed is absorbed into the portal system and incorporated by the liver into nonessential amino acids, provided requirements for essential amino acids are being met. By this metabolic route, urea nitrogen contributes to protein synthesis when the proper combination of essential amino acids, sufficient calories and other required nutrients are administered.

Thus, the administration of essential amino acids to uremic patients, particularly those who are protein-deficient, results in the utilization of retained urea in protein synthesis, and may be followed by a drop in BUN and resolution of many of the symptoms associated with azotemia.

Aminosyn-RF 5.2% contains histidine, an amino acid considered essential for infant growth, and identified as an essential amino acid for uremic patients.

In patients with potentially reversible acute renal failure who cannot eat, maintenance of adequate nutrition may assist in reducing morbidity.

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