May 28, 2017
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Anoro Ellipta

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Anoro Ellipta

(umeclidinium and vilanterol) Inhalation Powder



Long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonists (LABA), such as vilanterol, one of the active ingredients in ANORO® ELLIPTA®, increase the risk of asthma-related death. Data from a large placebo-controlled US trial that compared the safety of another LABA (salmeterol) with placebo added to usual asthma therapy showed an increase in asthma-related deaths in subjects receiving salmeterol. This finding with salmeterol is considered a class effect of LABA [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].

The safety and efficacy of ANORO ELLIPTA in patients with asthma have not been established. ANORO ELLIPTA is not indicated for the treatment of asthma.


ANORO ELLIPTA is an inhalation powder drug product for delivery of a combination of umeclidinium (an anticholinergic) and vilanterol (a LABA) to patients by oral inhalation.

Umeclidinium bromide has the chemical name 1-[2-(benzyloxy)ethyl]-4-(hydroxydiphenylmethyl)-1-azoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane bromide and the following chemical structure:

Umeclidinium bromide - Structural Formula Illustration

Umeclidinium bromide is a white powder with a molecular weight of 508.5, and the empirical formula is C29H34NO2•Br (as a quaternary ammonium bromide compound). It is slightly soluble in water.

Vilanterol trifenatate has the chemical name triphenylacetic acid-4-{(1R)-2-[(6-{2-[(2,6-dicholorobenzyl)oxy]ethoxy}hexyl)amino]-1-hydroxyethyl}-2-(hydroxymethyl)phenol (1:1) and the following chemical structure:

Vilanterol trifenatate - Structural Formula Illustration

Vilanterol trifenatate is a white powder with a molecular weight of 774.8, and the empirical formula is C24H33Cl2NO5•C20H16O2. It is practically insoluble in water.

ANORO ELLIPTA is a light grey and red plastic inhaler containing 2 foil blister strips. Each blister on one strip contains a white powder mix of micronized umeclidinium bromide (74.2 mcg equivalent to 62.5 mcg of umeclidinium), magnesium stearate (75 mcg), and lactose monohydrate (to 12.5 mg), and each blister on the other strip contains a white powder mix of micronized vilanterol trifenatate (40 mcg equivalent to 25 mcg of vilanterol), magnesium stearate (125 mcg), and lactose monohydrate (to 12.5 mg). The lactose monohydrate contains milk proteins. After the inhaler is activated, the powder within both blisters is exposed and ready for dispersion into the airstream created by the patient inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Under standardized in vitro test conditions, ANORO ELLIPTA delivers 55 mcg of umeclidinium and 22 mcg of vilanterol per dose when tested at a flow rate of 60 L/min for 4 seconds.

In adult subjects with obstructive lung disease and severely compromised lung function (COPD with FEV1/FVC less than 70% and FEV1 less than 30% predicted or FEV1 less than 50% predicted plus chronic respiratory failure), mean peak inspiratory flow through the ELLIPTA inhaler was 66.5 L/min (range: 43.5 to 81.0 L/min).13

The actual amount of drug delivered to the lung will depend on patient factors, such as inspiratory flow profile.

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