February 6, 2016

A Picture Guide to Atrial Fibrillation

Illustration of regular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation.
Photo of a man checking his pulse.
Illustration of heart rhythm activity.
Photo of a dizzy person.
Illustration of a blood clot.
Photo of a man experiencing chest pain.
Photo of blood pressure monitor.
Photo of senior man driving.
Photo of cigar and cocktail.
Photo of heart surgeon conducting operation.
Photo of doctor listening to a man’s heart with a stethoscope.
Photo of man getting EKG.
Photo of a doctor performing an echocardiograph.
Photo of man taking a rest during his run.
Photo of doctor with defibrillator.
Photo of medication pills.
Photo of surgeon performing an ablation by inserting a tube into a patient’s heart.
Photo of heart surgery in progress.
Photo of pacemaker and chest X-ray.
Photo of senior man playing tennis.
Photo of salmon, quinoa and salad dinner.
Photo of woman checking her pulse and heart rate.

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Atrial Fibrillation Slideshow Pictures: Visual Guidelines to Causes, Tests and Treatment

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