November 27, 2014

Autism Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Silhouette of a family on the beach.
A colorful spinning top.
A child lying in a crib.
A toddler looking out of a window.
Child looking at a broken plate.
PET scan of the autistic brain of a four year old.
A child getting dressed.
A child's hands on glass.
A school bus seen through a windshield.
A boy taking an autism test.
A young boy playing with a toy train.
A young boy with a dog.
A special needs teacher and student.
Anti-psychotic medications.
Colorful streaks of light.
A child playing with a digital tablet.
A young boy eating.
Parent using laptop.
A woman holding an ultrasound.
A child drawing a rainbow.
Siblings in a bedroom.
Colored pencils.
Graduates holding degrees.

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Autism Slideshow Pictures: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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