Birth Control Slideshow Pictures: Methods, Side Effects and Effectiveness

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A collage of women at different stages of life.

A graph of the most fertile days in a month.

Types of spermicide.

A hand holding a male condom.

A female condom and diagram on how it is used.

A birth control method, the diaphragm, and diagram of how it is used.

A birth control device, a cervical cap, and diagram on how it is used.

A birth control device, a sponge, and diagram on how it is used.

A packet of birth control pills.

A woman applying a birth control patch to her skin.

A woman holding a vaginal ring.

An administered birth control shot.

A woman getting a birth control implant.

A diagram of an IUD.

A diagram of tubal ligation.

A diagram of tubal implants.

A diagram of a vasectomy.

A blister pack with emergency contraception.

A group of older women doing yoga.

A water hose symbolizing the withdrawal method.

A chart of the least effective birth control methods.

A chart of the most effective birth control methods.

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