Birth Control Slideshow Pictures: Methods, Side Effects and Effectiveness

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Photo of collage of women.

Graphic of most fertile days of the month.

Photo of spermicide.

Photo of condom in hand.

Collage of female condom application.

Collage of diaphragm application.

Collage of cervical cap application.

Collage of sponge application.

Photo of birth control pills.

Photo of birth control patch.

Photo of birth control ring.

Photo of birth control shot.

Photo of birth control implant.

Illustration of IUD application.

Illustration of tubal ligation surgery.

Photo of tubal implant surgery.

Illustration of vasectomy surgery.

Photo of emergency birth control pill.

Photo of women doing yoga.

Photo of garden hose.

Graphic of least effective birth control methods.

Graphic of most effective birth control methods.

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