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Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatments

X-ray of the chest.
Illustration showing a normal bronchial tube and an inflamed bronchial tube with build-up of mucus.
Image of normal airway color and architecture (left) and airway of a child with chronic bronchitis showing erythema, loss of normal architecture, and swelling.
A person lighting a cigarette and smoking, possibly causing irritation to the lungs.
A man suffering from acute bronchitis and coughing.
A smoking cigarette, industrial pollution, and a coal miner, all possible causes of chronic bronchitis.
A man with bronchitis holding his chest and coughing.
A nurse receiving a call for an appointment to see the doctor for bronchitis.
A man lying in bed with bronchitis about to have his temperature taken.
A doctor listening to a patient‘s chest with a stethoscope, diagnosing bronchitis.
A man resting with fluids and medicine by his bed recovering from bronchitis.
A man with chronic bronchitis using an inhaler.
A man with chronic bronchitis and COPD on oxygen therapy.
A broken cigarette, cough expectorant, woman resting in bed, and person washing their hands.

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Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatments

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