May 27, 2015

Cellulite Pictures, Causes, Myths and Treatments

Two women in bathing suits
A woman rubs her cellulite.
An illustration of cellulite.
A micrograph of cellulite.
Cellulite can run in families.
A woman drinks a bottle of water.
A woman uses a tanning bed.
A woman's pants are loose due to weight loss.
A woman applies retinol cream.
Photo of coffee beans and methylxanthine cream.
Tubes of topical herbal cream.
Lipomassage treatment for cellulite.
Illustration of radiofrequency.
A cellulite laser device.
A patient has liposuction surgery.
Illustration of subcision treatments.
Mesotherapy treatment on a patient.
Cellulite body wrap treatment on the legs
Cellulite product warnings.
Photo of woman at gym.

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Cellulite Slideshow Pictures: Causes, Myths and Treatments

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