August 24, 2016
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Children's Cough Causes and Treatments (cont.)

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What are the various therapies and home remedies for childhood cough?

Due to the diversity of causes (etiologies) of childhood cough the therapies available need to be directed to the proper causative agent.

  • Routine upper respiratory infections ("common cold") respond best to rest, fluids, and tender loving care. Multiple studies have demonstrated no benefit for the various over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Moreover, a number of studies have demonstrated potential side effects to children below six years of age due to the nature of the medications included in these formulations.
  • Use of a cool mist humidifier may be very helpful for the treatment of the laryngeal ("voice box") swelling associated with croup. Occasionally a single dose of an anti-inflammatory medication dexamethasone (Decadron) is indicated.
  • Bacterial infections (for example, pneumonia, sinus infections) respond well to selected antibiotics.
  • Wheezing is treated with various inhaled medications, and if there is a concern regarding aspiration of a foreign object it may require removal by bronchoscopy (see above).
  • GERD may be treated via thickening of formula for infants and/or oral medications depending of severity of symptoms and complications of acid reflux into the esophagus. Treatment of rare conditions (for example, cystic fibrosis) utilizes a team approach to control and minimize the course of these diseases.

When should I contact my doctor for childhood cough symptoms?

You should contact your child's pediatrician if your child:

  1. Is less than three months of age or was more than 3 weeks premature
  2. Is struggling to breath (i.e. looks like he/she just ran up a flight of stairs), is unable to breath and feed comfortably or has very noisy breathing
  3. Starts coughing after having a small object in his/her mouth or while eating
  4. Coughs so hard or repetitively that he/she can't catch their breath, or turns blue during coughing episodes. This is especially critical if the child hasn't been fully immunized against pertussis (whooping cough)
  5. Coughs so hard that repeated episodes of vomiting occur
  6. Refuses to eat or drink for an extended period or is drooling uncontrollably
  7. Has a cough lasting greater than two weeks

Medically reviewed by Margaret Walsh, MD; American Board of Pediatrics

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Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 3/15/2016


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