April 28, 2017
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clindamycin solution in pledget 1% w/v (as clindamycin phosphate)


Drug Substance

Proper name: Clindamycin phosphate

Chemical name: Methyl 7-chloro-6,7,8-trideoxy-6-(1-methyl-trans-4-propyl-L-2- pyrrolidinecarboxamido)-1-thio-L-threo--D-galacto-octopyranoside 2-(dihydrogen phosphate)

Structural formula:

CLINDETS (clindamycin phosphate) Structural Formula Illustration

Molecular formula: C18H34ClN2O8PS

Molecular weight: 504.96

Clindamycin is a white to off-white, odourless or almost odourless, hygroscopic, crystalline powder with a bitter taste, soluble in water (1 in 2.5); slightly soluble in dehydrated alcohol and very slightly soluble in acetone. 1.2 g of clindamycin phosphate is approximately equivalent to 1 g of clindamycin base. Clindamycin phosphate has a melting point of 208E to 212EC and a pH of 3.5 - 4.5 (1% in water).


CLINDETS® contains clindamycin phosphate USP at a concentration equivalent to 1% w/v clindamycin in a vehicle of isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and purified water. Each CLINDETS® pledget applicator is composed of viscose, polyolefin and nylon, and contains approximately 1 mL of clindamycin phosphate topical solution.

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