May 29, 2016

DIY Skin Hair Care for Girls

Photo of girl looking at pimple.
Photo of peeling skin on nose.
Photo of girl holding teddy bear.
Photo of girl with freckles.
Photo of red haired girl.
Photo of woman with cream on face.
Photo of lips with candy heart.
Photo of cold sore.
Photo of girl with unibrow.
Photo of girl with shiny skin.
Photo of woman in socks in desert.
Photo of girl using hand lotion.
Photo of woman waxing legs.
Photo of girl sweating.
Photo of warts on hand.
Photo of woman with dandruff.
Photo of woman trimming hair.
Photo of wet hair.
Photo of girl with moles.
Photo of lemon.

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Reviewed by Kathy Empen, MD on Friday, April 18, 2014

Teen Girls Slideshow Pictures: DIY Skin and Hair Care for Girls

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