March 23, 2017
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Easy Dritho-Scalp® Application Instructions

  1. Wet your scalp thoroughly.
  2. Wet your scalp thoroughly - illustration

  3. Part off your hair one inch at a time to examine and treat each plaque.
  4. Wearing disposable gloves, apply a "pea size" drop of Dritho-Scalp® directly to all plaques by rubbing in thoroughly but gently. Avoid ears, eyes and neck, and be careful not to smear on unaffected skin. Tip: Petroleum jelly can be applied to ear folds and neck to minimize contact and avoid irritation.
  5. Apply a "pea size" drop of Dritho-Scalp - illustration

  6. Cover scalp with shower cap to prevent staining and smearing. Line the edges of the cap with cotton coil or folded tissues.
  7. Cover scalp with shower cap - illustration

  8. Do not leave Dritho-Scalp® on any longer than directed by your dermatologist. Remove immediately when time is up.
  9. Remove immediately when time is up  - illustration

  10. Shampoo out thoroughly but gently. Lean head back when rinsing to avoid Dritho-Scalp® contact with the face and eyes. If it gets into your eyes or on your face, rinse thoroughly and call your dermatologist.
  11. Immediately clean the shower or bathroom fixture, rinsing thoroughly. Dishwashing detergent may help to remove residue.
  12. Dry off with an old towel as staining of fabrics is permanent.
  13. Dry off with an old towel - illustration

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