August 24, 2016

Drug interactions with albuterol sulfate inhl and phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral

albuterol sulfate inhl brand names and other generic formulations include:

AccuNeb Inhl, Airet Inhl, ProAir HFA Inhl, Proventil HFA Inhl, Ventolin HFA Inhl, Ventolin Rotacaps Inhl, Ventolin Rotahaler/Rotacaps Inhl

All generic drug interactions for albuterol sulfate inhl (lists will include brand and generic names):

phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

Albatussin PE Pediatric Oral, Aldex G Oral, Aldex Oral, Ambi 10PEH-400GFN Oral, AMBI 40-1000 (PE) Oral, Amidal Oral, Chest Congestion Relief PE Oral, Chest-Sinus Congestion Relief Oral, Congest-Eze PE Oral, Conpec LA NR Oral, Conpec Oral, Crantex ER Oral, Crantex LAC Oral, Decon-E Oral, Deconex IR Oral, Deconex Oral, Donatussin Pedi (reformulated) Oral, D-Phen 1000 Oral, D-Tab Oral, Duomax Oral, Duraphen 1000 Oral, Duraphen II Oral, Duratuss PE Oral, Dynex LA Oral, ED Bron GP Oral, Entex ER Oral, Entex LQ Oral, ExeFen-PD Oral, EXETUSS Oral, EXETUSS-GP Oral, Extendryl G Oral, Fenesin PE IR Oral, G P Tex Oral, Generic Entex LA Oral, Genexa LA Oral, Gentex LA Oral, GFN 1200-Phenylephrine 40 Oral, GFN 600-Phenylephrine 20 Oral, GFN 600-Phenylephrine 40 Oral, GFN 800-PE 25 Oral, Gilphex TR Oral, GP-1200 Oral, Gripex PE Oral, Gripex PE Pediatric Oral, Guaifen PE Oral, GUAIPHEN-D 1200 TR Oral, GUAIPHEN-D TR Oral, GUAIPHEN-PD TR Oral, Guapetex Oral, Guaphenyl II Oral, Guaphenyl LA Oral, Guiadex D Oral, Guiadex PD Oral, Guiaphen Oral, Guiatex PE Oral, J-MAX Oral, Liquibid D-R Oral, Liquibid PD-R Oral, Liquibid-D 1200 Oral, Liquibid-D DuoMatrix Oral, Liquibid-D Oral, Liquibid-PD Oral, Lusair Oral, LuSonex Oral, Maxiphen G Oral, Maxiphen Oral, Medent-PE Oral, Medent-PEI Oral, MontePhen Oral, MucaphEd Oral, Mucinex Cold Oral, Mucus Relief D (phenylephrine) Oral, Mucus Relief PE Oral, Mucus Relief Sinus Oral, MyDex Oral, MyDocs Oral, Nariz Oral, Nasex Oral, Nasex-G Oral, Nazarin Oral, Nescon-PD Oral, Nexphen PD Oral, Norel EX Oral, Nu-COPD Oral, Numobid PE Oral, Numonyl Oral, Numonyl Pediatric Oral, Numonyl SR Oral, OneTab Congestion & Cough Oral, PE 30 - Guai 1,200 Oral, PE 30-Guai 900 Oral, PE-Guai Oral, Pendex Oral, PhenaVent D Oral, PhenaVent LA Oral, PhenaVent Oral, PhenaVent PED Oral, Pneumax Oral, Prolex D Oral, Prolex PD Oral, Proset D Oral, Quindal CR Oral, Reluri Oral, Rescon-GG Oral, Respa-PE Oral, Robitussin PE Head & Chest Oral, Simuc Oral, Simuc-GP Oral, Sinuvent PE Oral, Sitrex Oral, Sitrex PD Oral, Sudafed PE Sinus Oral, Sudex DUOMATRIX Oral, Supress-PE Oral, TG 10PEH-380GFN Oral, TL-DMX Oral, Tussbid Oral, Tussi-Pres PE Oral, Vidal Oral, Visonex Oral, Wellbid-D 1200 Oral, Wellbid-D Oral, Xedec II Oral, Xedec Oral, XPECT-PE Oral, Zoden Oral, Zotex GPX Oral, Zotex-GP Oral, Zyrphen Oral

All generic drug interactions for phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
Significant - Monitor CloselyPotential for interaction

albuterol sulfate inhl and phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral

albuterol sulfate inhl and phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral both decrease sedation and drowsiness.

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Significant - Monitor CloselyPotential for interaction, monitor.

albuterol sulfate inhl and phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral

albuterol sulfate inhl and phenylephrine-guaifenesin oral both decrease sedation.

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