August 24, 2016

Drug interactions with levalbuterol hcl inhl and pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral

levalbuterol hcl inhl brand names and other generic formulations include:

Xopenex Concentrate Inhl, Xopenex Inhl

All generic drug interactions for levalbuterol hcl inhl (lists will include brand and generic names):

pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

30PSE-150GFN-15DM Oral, Adult Robitussin Cough-Cold D Oral, Aldex GS DM Oral, Ambenyl-D Oral, Ambi 40PSE-400GFN-20DM Oral, AMBI 45-800-30 Oral, AMBI 60-1000-30 Oral, AMBI 60-580-30 Oral, Ambi 60PSE-400GFN-20DM Oral, AMBI 80-700-40 Oral, AMBI 80-780-40 Oral, Ambifed DM Oral, Ambifed-G DM (IR) Oral, Ambifed-G DM Oral, Anatuss DM Oral, Benylin Multi-Symptom Oral, Bionel Oral, Bionel Pediatric Oral, BP 8 Cough Oral, Broncot Oral, Capmist DM Oral, Coldmist DM Oral, Cough Formula 4-D Oral, Cough Formula Expectorant Oral, Cough Formula W/Decongestant Oral, Cough Syrup W/Decongestant Oral, Cough-Head Congestion Relief Oral, Dacol Oral, Decongestant D Cough Oral, Decongestant Formula Oral, Decophed Oral, Dihistine Dmx Oral, Dimacol Oral, Donatuss XP Oral, Eff Str Cough W/Decongestant Oral, Entex PAC Oral, Entre-Cough Tannate Oral, ExeClear-DM Oral, ExeFen DMX Oral, ExeFen-DMX Oral, Formula D Cough Medicine Oral, GeneBronco-D Oral, GFN 550-PSE 60-DM 30 Oral, GFN 595-PSE 48-DM 32 Tab Oral, GFN 800-PSE 60-DM 30 Oral, GFN600-PSE60-DM30 Oral, GFN-DM-PSE Oral, Guai-DM HB-P-Ephed Oral, Guaifen-Dextrom-Pseudoephedrin Oral, Guaifenex-Rx DM Oral, Guaimist DM Oral, Harber Hist DMX Oral, Hydro Pro DM Oral, Liquicough DM Oral, Luchem Cough Mixture Dpg Oral, Mardrops-DX Oral, Maxifed DM (IR) Oral, Maxifed DM Oral, Maxifed DMX (IR) Oral, Maxifed DMX Oral, Medent DM Oral, Medent-DMI Oral, MediFirst Cold Relief Oral, Medi-Tussin Cough and Cold Oral, Med-Rx DM Oral, Mintab C Oral, Nectatussin Sf Y Af Oral, NeoTuss-D Oral, Noratuss Ii Oral, Novadyne Dmx Oral, Novagest DEX Oral, Novahistine DMX Oral, Nuprin Cold Rel Cough & Nasal Oral, PanMist DM Oral, Pediapressin Oral, Pediatric Cough Liquid Oral, Pediatric Formula Oral, Pertussin Am Oral, Poly-Vent DM Oral, Primatuss 4d Oral, Protuss-DM Oral, Pseudo Cough Oral, Pseudo DM GG Oral, Pseudo Max DMX Oral, Pseudovent DM Oral, P-Tuss DM Oral, QUALA-TLA Oral, Relacon-DM NR Oral, Relacon-DM Oral, Relasin DM Oral, Robafen Cold and Cough Oral, Robitussin CF Infant Oral, Robitussin Cold & Cough Oral, Robitussin Ped (with p-ephed) Oral, Rolatuss Expectorant Oral, Ru-Tuss DM Oral, Ru-Tuss Expectorant Oral, Rydex DM Oral, Santuss Oral, Seudafaire Cough Oral, S-Pak DM Oral, Sudachem Cough Oral, Sudafed Cough Oral, SudaTex-DM Oral, Suda-Tussin DM Oral, Syn-Rx DM Oral, Tenar DM Oral, TG 45PSE-400GFN-15DM Oral, Tidafen DM Oral, TL-Dex DM Oral, Touro CC Oral, Touro CC-LD Oral, TRISPEC PSE Oral, TRISPEC PSE Pediatric Oral, Tri-Vent DM Oral, Tusnel New Formula Oral, Tusnel-DM Pediatric Oral, Tussafed-LA Oral, Tuss-DA NR Oral, Tussin Cold And Cough Oral, Tussin Cold-Congestion Oral, Tussin Cough/Cold Liquid Caps Oral, Tussin Cough-Cold-Chest Oral, Uni-Formula 88-D Oral, Wal-Tussin CF Oral, Wal-Tussin Cold & Congestion Oral, Z-Cof 12 DM Oral, Z-Cof 8 DM Oral, Z-Cof DM Oral, Z-Cof DMX Oral, Z-Cof I Oral

All generic drug interactions for pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
Significant - Monitor CloselyPotential for interaction

levalbuterol hcl inhl and pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral

levalbuterol hcl inhl and pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral both decrease sedation and drowsiness.

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Significant - Monitor CloselyPotential for interaction, monitor.

levalbuterol hcl inhl and pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral

levalbuterol hcl inhl and pseudoephedrine-dm-guaifenesin oral both decrease sedation.

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