August 30, 2016

Ectopic Pregnancy

What are the risk factors for ectopic pregnancy?

There are multiple factors that increase a women's likelihood of having an ectopic pregnancy, but it is important to note that ectopic pregnancies can occur in women without any of these risk factors. Ectopic pregnancy can occur in any woman, of any age, who is ovulating and is sexually active with a male partner. The highest likelihood ectopic pregnancy occurs in women aged 35-44 years.

The greatest risk factor for an ectopic pregnancy is a prior history of an ectopic pregnancy.

Any disruption of the normal architecture of the Fallopian tubes can be a risk factor for a tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy in other locations. Previous surgery on the Fallopian tubes such as tubal sterilization or reconstructive, procedures can lead to scarring and disruption of the normal anatomy of the tubes and increases the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. Likewise, infection, congenital abnormalities, or tumors of the Fallopian tubes can increase a woman's risk of having an ectopic pregnancy.

Reviewed on 9/28/2015
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