April 27, 2017
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Flunisolide Nasal Solution

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Flunisolide Nasal Solution


How-to-use your Flunisolide Nasal Solution USP, 0.025% (flunisolide nasal spray .025%) (Nasal Spray) (29 mcg flunisolide per spray)

Note: Not identical to the 25 mcg flunisolide per spray

Nasal Spray Unit With the Preset (Preassembled) Pump

Your flunisolide nasal solution nasal spray unit with the pump is already assembled. Please follow the directions below to prepare it for your use.


  1. You should use Flunisolide Nasal Solution USP, 0.025% (Nasal Spray) at regular intervals as directed since is effectiveness depends on its regular use (see below).
  2. It may take 1-2 weeks before full relief is obtained.
  3. You should contact your physician if symptoms do not improve, if the condition worsens, or if sneezing, nasal irritation, or bleeding occurs.
  4. You should contact your physician if you know you have been exposed to chicken pox or measles.


  1. Remove the clear protective cap (Figure 1). Put two fingers on the "shoulders" and thumb on the bottom of the bottle (Figure 2). Keep the tip of the bottle away from your face. Hold the bottle securely, and push the bottle with your thumb FIRMLY and QUICKLY 5-6 times or until a fine spray or mist appears. Your Preset pump is now primed.
  2. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 1

  3. Once your Preset pump is primed, it's ready for use. Priming must be repeated if you don't use the unit for 5 days or more, or if you take it apart for cleaning.
  4. Keep the clear protective cap on the bottle of Flunisolide Nasal Solution USP, 0.025% (Nasal Spray) when it is not in use.


  1. Gently blow your nose to clear nostrils (Figure 3). Medication your doctor has recommended may be used to clear your nasal passages if they are blocked.
  2. Remove the clear protective cap (Figure 4). Be sure the Preset pump unit has been primed.
  3. Place the spray tip into one nostril (tip should not reach far into the nose), and bend head forward, as in Figure 5. This allows the medicine to be sprayed toward the back of the nose.
  4. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 2

  5. Hold the bottle as shown in Figure 6 - your thumb on the bottom of the bottle and two fingers on its "shoulders". Rest the back of your index finger against your upper lip.
  6. Point the tip in your nose toward the back and outer side of your nose. Close other nostril with finger (Figure 6). Pump the spray into your nose by pushing the bottle with your thumb FIRMLY and QUICKLY, sniffing gently at the same time. If your physician instructed you to pump twice in each nostril, pump the spray again. Be careful that your fingers do not slip off the pump as you spray.
  7. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 3

  8. After spraying, remove the tip from your nose, and bend your head BACK for a few seconds (Figure 7). This lets the spray spread over the back of your nose.
  9. Repeat Steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 in other nostril.
  10. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 4

  11. Wipe the spray tip off with a tissue before putting on the clear protective cap (Figure 8). Keep Preset pump covered and safety clip on when not in use.


  1. If spray nozzle becomes clogged, unscrew the pump unit from the bottle (Figure 9). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAR IT WITH A SHARP OR POINTED OBJECT.
  2. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 5

  3. Soak ONLY the Preset pump unit in warm water. Squirt the pump unit several times while holding under water (Figure 10).
  4. Make sure the pump unit is dry before re-assembling. Prime with five or six sprays before using again (Figure 11).
  5. Patients Instructions for Use - illustration 6


If the spray comes out as a stream of liquid instead of a fine spray or mist, it may fail to give you maximum benefit. A fine mist is produced by RAPID and FIRM pumping action, as described above.

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