April 24, 2015

A Picture Guide to Exercise for Successful Aging

Back view of a senior couple sitting on the beach.
A group of happy seniors.
A senior couple exercises in the park.
A senior man works out with weights in the gym.
A senior woman and man work out with weights.
A senior man weight training with a personal trainer.
A senior couple on a walk through the countryside.
A senior woman does stretching exercises on the floor.
A woman balances and practices Tai Chi.
Illustration shows normal bone density and weakened bone affected by osteoporosis.
An illustration showing the differences between a normal, healthy joint, a joint affected by osteoarthritis, and one affected by rheumatoid arthritis.
A healthy senior woman with raised arms expresses positive energy in the pool.
Senior couple enjoys a bike ride.
Senior Guidelines for Physical Activity Chart
A doctor checks the results of a senior man exercising on a treadmill.
Personal exercise planner
Seniors performing walking, biking and swimming exercises.
A senior woman exercises with weights and resistance bands.
Senior couple performing stretching exercises.
Senior women taking a balance exercise class.
A senior man jumps in the air.

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Healthy Seniors Slideshow: Exercise for Successful Aging

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