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How to Make Your Home a Healthy One

A couple imagines their dream home.
A 3-D cutaway view of a residential home.
A graph illustrates unhealthy home statistics.
A family relaxes in their living room.
A couple enjoys their new kitchen.
Kitchen pests consist of cockroaches, ants, and mice.
Install grab bars on the wall of the bathtub and shower and next to the toilet.
Older insulation may contain asbestos.
Set the water heater at 120° F to prevent burns.
Keep stairs free of clutter.
Maintain gutters, downspouts, and roof to prevent moisture from entering the home.
Annual spring cleaning may actually improve your family's health.
Dust your home to decrease your exposure to pollens and other airborne allergens.
Discard expired medications and old prescription medications no longer in use.
Dispose of old cleaning products, cans of paint, thinners, oils, solvents, stains, and other forms of 'toxic' trash.
Have your chimney professionally cleaned.
A woman cleans mold and mildew from a bathroom tub.
House entrance with area rugs.
Inspect outdoor playground equipment and be sure that it remains sturdy and in good repair.
A man changes the battery in a smoke detector.
Good health begins at home.

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Reviewed by Joseph Palermo, D.O, on Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tips for a Healthy and Safe Home

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