September 1, 2014

Hyperthyroidism Pictures: Keep Your Thyroid in Check

A woman's neck.
An illustration of the thyroid and surrounding anatomy.
Schematic representation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid negative/positive feedback system.
Iodine 123 nuclear scintigraphy: scans of a normal thyroid gland (A) and common hyperthyroid conditions with elevated radioiodine uptake, including Graves' disease (B), toxic multinodular goiter (C), and toxic adenoma (D).
A patient with Graves' disease experiencing severe proptosis and eyelid retraction from thyroid-related orbitopathy.
Side-view outline of patient with a prominent goiter.
Thyroid medication
An illustration of the pituitary gland and parathyroid glands.
A doctor performing an ultrasound scan of a patient with hyperthyroidism.
Spilled salt from a salt shaker that has been knocked over.
A listing of hyperthyroidism symptoms.
A patient getting a blood test.
A doctor discussing hyperthyroidism treatment with a patient.
A pharmacist discussing medications with a couple.
A person taking medications for hyperthyroidism.
A special container for radioactive iodine pill (left). A patient about to take a radioactive iodine pill to treat her hyperthyroidism (right).
Doctors performing surgery on a patient with hyperthyroidism.
A doctor discussing the treatment progress of patient with hyperthyroidism.



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