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(Indocyanine Green for Injection, USP) Sterile


IC-GREEN™ (tricarbocyanine) is a sterile, lyophilized green powder containing 25 mg of indocyanine green with no more than 5 % sodium iodide. It is packaged with an Aqueous Solvent consisting of Sterile Water for Injection used to dissolve the indocyanine green. IC-GREEN™ (tricarbocyanine) is to be administered intravenously.

Idocyanine green is a water soluble, tricarbocyanine dye with peak spectral absorption at 800 nm. The chemical name for Indocyanine Green is 1 H-Benz[e]indolium,2-[7[1,3-dihydro-1,1-dimethyl-3-(-4-sulfobutyl)-2H-benz[e]indo-2-ylidene]-1,3,5-heptatrienyl]-1,1-dimethyl-3-(4-sulfobutyl)-,hydroxide, innersalt, sodium. 2-[7-[1,1-Dimethyl-3-(4-sulfobuttyl)benz[e]indolin-2-ylidene]-1,3,5-heptatrienyl]-1,1-dimethyl-3-(4-sulfobutyl)-1Hbenz[e]indolium hydroxide , inner salt, sodium salt. IC-GREEN™ (tricarbocyanine) has a pH pf approximately 6.5 when reconstituted. Each vial of IC-GREEN™ (tricarbocyanine) contains 25 mg of indocyanine green as a sterile lyophilized powder.

IC-GREEN™ (Indocyanine Green) Structural Formula Illustration

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