June 24, 2016

A Picture Guide to Infectious Mononucleosis

A young couple kisses.
Professor Sir Anthony Epstein
This electron microscopic image of two Epstein-Barr virus virions (viral particles) shows round capsids -- protein-encased genetic material -- loosely surrounded by the membrane envelope.
A group of students socialize and hang out.
A young couple kisses, and a boy sneezes, spraying germ droplets.
A young girl, contagious with mono, wears a mask.
Cluster of viruses
A girl suffering from mono lies in bed.
A person diagnosed with mono shows the signs of a reddened sore throat and whitish coating on the tonsils.
A doctor examines a patient's throat for signs of mono.
A woman sleeps as she recovers from mono.
A young male is exhausted and still feeling the effects of infectious mononucleosis.
A patient is upset after the doctor's diagnosis.
A doctor consults with a patient.

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