November 27, 2015

A Picture Guide to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Exploded diagram of the intestines.
Close-up of Crohn's disease.
Image of ulcerative colitis of the rectum.
An empty roll of toilet paper.
A woman with a toothache.
A photo of DNA lab testing.
A photo of a son hugging his mother.
A woman with stomach pain due to IBD.
A photo of IBD in the colon.
Colored image of a barium X-ray.
Illustration of a colonoscopy procedure.
A doctor and patient discuss IBD.
A mother and daughter on the beach.
A stressed and depressed businessman.
Image showing an obstruction blockage in the colon.
Illustration of a fistula in the digestive system between the intestine and bladder.
Endoscopic image of colon cancer.
 A waitress and list of foods the trigger IBD.
A shrimp omelet, part of a low-residue diet for IBD.
A handful of vitamins.
A woman meditates to reduce stress.
A person about to take IBD medication.
Photo of a syringe for biologics injection.
An IBD surgery in progress.
Women practicing tai chi in the park.
A couple relaxing on the beach.

Healthy Relationships

Exercise & Fitness

Ovulation & Fertility

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)


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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Slideshow: A Visual Guide to IBD

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