July 29, 2016
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Two unintentional overdosages with Kuvan have been reported. One adult patient in a Kuvan clinical trial received a single Kuvan dose of 4,500 mg (36 mg/kg) instead of 2,600 mg (20 mg/kg). The patient reported mild headache and mild dizziness immediately after taking the dose; both symptoms resolved within 1 hour with no treatment intervention. There were no associated laboratory test abnormalities. The patient suspended therapy for 24 hours and then restarted Kuvan with no reports of abnormal signs or symptoms. In postmarketing, one pediatric patient received Kuvan doses of 45 mg/kg per day instead of 20 mg/kg per day. The patient reported hyperactivity that began at an unspecified time after overdose and resolved after the Kuvan dose was reduced to 20 mg/kg per day.

In a clinical study to evaluate the effects of Kuvan on cardiac repolarization, a single supra-therapeutic dose of 100 mg/kg (5 times the maximum recommended dose) was administered to 54 healthy adults. No serious adverse reactions were reported during the study. The only adverse reactions reported in more than 1 subject who received the supra-therapeutic dose were upper abdominal pain (6%) and dizziness (4%). A dose-dependent shortening of the QT interval was observed [see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY].

Patients should be advised to notify their physicians in cases of overdose.



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