January 29, 2015

Better Vision Through Laser Eye Surgery

A laser pulse on an eye.
A pair of eyeglasses held in front of an eye chart.
A close up of keratoconus.
A man wearing eyeglasses and driving at night.
A cornea flap in preparation for LASIK surgery.
A wave fronted guided machine.
An illustration of refractive keratectomy.
An intraocular implant.
A man taking an eye exam.
A man wearing eyeglasses and using a laptop.
A patient having LASIK surgery.
A finger holding an eye contact lens.
A man rubbing his irritated eyes.
A view of a sunset with a halo effect.
A doctor and patient giving a handshake.
A couple on a hike and talking.
A park on a foggy night.
A man watching a baseball game.

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Laser Eye Surgery Slideshow Pictures: Better Vision Through Surgery (LASIK, PRK, LASEK & More)

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