July 24, 2016

Things You Can Learn from Your Pets

Border collie chasing ball.
Cat napping on couch.
Photo of girl walking a dog in the rain.
Cat rubbing face on dog.
Happy dog on a walk.
Two cats looking out the window.
Dog on beach wagging tail.
Cat playing with insect.
Dog playing with ball.
Cat getting petted.
Black lab drinking from hose.
Cat staring at goldfish in bowl.
Beagle licking baby's hand.
Two kittens playing.
Dog fixated on something  outside.
Cat grooming itself.
Little dog and big dog.
Kitten stretching.
Great Dane on bench.
Woman and dog by lake.

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Reviewed by Amy Flowers, DVM on Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Pet Health Slideshow Pictures: 20 Things You Can Learn from Your Pets

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