July 28, 2016


What are risk factors for contracting mumps?

  1. Failure to be immunized completely (two separate doses) with exposure to those with mumps
  2. Age: The highest risk of contracting mumps is to children between 2-12 years of age
  3. Season: epidemics of mumps were most likely during the winter/spring seasons
  4. Travel to high-risk regions of the world: Africa, general Indian subcontinent region, and Southeast Asia. These areas have a very low rate of vaccination.
  5. Weakening immune system: either due to diseases (for example, HIV/AIDS, cancer) or medication (oral steroid use for more than two weeks, chemotherapy)
  6. Born before 1956: Generally, these individuals are believed to have experienced mumps infection in childhood. However, if they did not, they are at risk for adult mumps disease. A blood test may be obtained to determine immunity and is worthwhile if any doubt exists regarding prior mumps infection. Continue Reading
Reviewed on 5/17/2016
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