November 27, 2015
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5.4% NephrAmine®
(essential amino acid) Injection

Protect from light until use.


5.4% NephrAmine (Essential Amino Acid Injection) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution containing crystalline essential amino acids plus histidine. Each 250 mL unit provides Rose's recommended daily intake of essential amino acids1 plus 625 mg of histidine, considered essential for uremics. The total nitrogen content of a 250 mL unit is approximately 1.6 grams (10 g of protein equivalent) in 14 grams of amino acids. All amino acids designated USP are the "L" isomer.

Histidine USP* 0.25 g
Isoleucine USP 0.56 g
Leucine USP 0.88 g
Lysine 0.64 g
(added as Lysine Acetate USP 0.90 g)
Methionine USP 0.88 g
Phenylalanine USP 0.88 g
Threonine USP 0.40 g
Tryptophan USP 0.20 g
Valine USP 0.64 g
Cysteine <0.014 g
(as Cysteine HCl•H2O USP <0.020 g)
Sodium Bisulfite (as an antioxidant) <0.05 g
Water for Injection USP qs
pH adjusted with Sodium Hydroxide NF as required
pH: 6.5 (6.0-7.0)
Calculated Osmolarity: 435 mOsmol/liter
Total Nitrogen: Approx. 0.65 g/100 mL
Concentration of Electrolytes (mEq/liter): Sodium 5; Chloride < 3; Acetate Approx. 44
*Histidine is considered an essential amino acid in uremic patients.

1Rose WC: the sequence of events leading to the establishment of the amino acid needs of man. Am j public health; 1968: 58 (11):2020-2027.

Last reviewed on RxList: 1/28/2009
This monograph has been modified to include the generic and brand name in many instances.

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