May 25, 2016

A Picture Guide to Osteoarthritis

X-ray of the knee.
A man has knee pain.
X-rays of the pelvis and hips, foot, and neck.
Illustration shows osteoarthritis of the femur.
People play cards.
A football player gets ready to hike the ball.
A woman holds a pill bottle.
A doctor shows a patient an X-ray on the computer.
Loss of cartilage can cause the knees to curve out, creating a bowlegged appearance (shown on the left). An X-ray shows bony spurs along the spine (shown on the right).
A patient receiving physical therapy.
A person wears a knee brace.
A woman holds a pill.
Photo of glucosamine and chondroitin tablets.
A man steps on a scale.
A woman swims in a pool.
An X-ray shows a hip replacement.
A woman stretches on the beach.

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Osteoarthritis Slideshow Pictures: An Overview and Visual Guide to OA

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