May 28, 2017
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PerioChip® 2.5mg
(Chlorhexidine gluconate)

Patients should avoid dental floss at the site of PerioChip insertion for 10 days after placement, because flossing might dislodge the chip. All other oral hygiene may be continued as usual. No restrictions regarding dietary habits are needed. Dislodging of the PerioChip is uncommon; however, patients should be instructed to notify the dentist promptly if the PerioChip dislodges. Patients should also be advised that, although some mild to moderate sensitivity is normal during the first week after placement of PerioChip, they should notify the dentist promptly if pain, swelling, or other problems occur.

Instructions For Insertion

1. Open individual foil packet.

Open individual foil packet - Illustration

2. Grasp PerioChip at flat end with suitable forceps.

Open individual foil packet - Illustration

3. Insert PerioChip, curved end first, into the periodontal pocket.

Insert PerioChip - Illustration

4. Press PerioChip apically to the base of the pocket.

Press PerioChip apically to the base of the pocket - Illustration

5. After proper insertion, PerioChip should rest subgingivally at the base of the pocket.

PerioChip should rest subgingivally - Illustration

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