July 24, 2016


What are home remedies for pinkeye?

Home treatment for pinkeye should not be a substitute for seeking the advice of a health-care professional, and it is important to take all medications as prescribed and to follow a health-care professional's instructions for managing the condition. However, there are home remedies to help relieve the symptoms of pinkeye. Moist warm compresses applied to the eyes can help relieve symptoms. OTC treatments like artificial tears (eyedrops) can also bring relief.

Do not wear contact lenses until the pinkeye has resolved. A health-care professional can offer guidance about when it is safe to resume the use of contact lenses. Eye makeup and cosmetic creams should also be avoided in the eye area until the symptoms and signs have resolved.

What kinds of doctors treat pinkeye?

Pinkeye is often treated by primary-care physicians, including pediatricians and family practitioners. An eye specialist (ophthalmologist) may also treat pinkeye. Sometimes people may seek care for pinkeye at an urgent-care center and may be treated by a specialist in emergency medicine. Continue Reading

Reviewed on 5/12/2016