August 24, 2016
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Poland Syndrome (cont.)

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How is Poland syndrome diagnosed?

When the changes of Poland Syndrome are noted, the diagnosis can be suspected in the newborn period. Specialized studies (x-rays, computerized tomography [CT scans]) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies may be utilized to delineate the anatomy of the involved area(s). Such an understanding is necessary for reconstructive surgery (see below). Mild cases of Poland syndrome may not be apparent until the child has matured or even until puberty. During this time, differences in body development may be more pronounced—especially in female breast development.

How is Poland syndrome treated?

Reconstructive surgery is the main treatment for those with Poland syndrome. Either existing chest muscle or transplanting muscle from another body area may be used to develop symmetry between the affected and unaffected side. If chest-wall ribs are underdeveloped or missing, bioengineered cartilage can be implanted to help give the chest a more normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery may be considered in males as young as 13 years of age. In females, in order to ensure breast similarity in size and character, reconstructive surgery is often postponed until breast development on the uninvolved side has been completed. Therapeutic tattooing can be uses to create the appearance of an areola and nipple.

What are the related (alternative) terms?

Other names for Poland syndrome include Poland sequence, Poland anomaly, Poland syndactyly, and absence of the pectoralis muscle with syndactyly.

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"Diseases of the chest wall"

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