February 7, 2016

Top Reasons Your Child Can't Sleep

Photo of happy baby sleeping.
Photo of mother putting baby down to sleep.
Photo of cranky tired toddler.
Photo of toddler with separation anxiety
Photo of father helping son with bedtime bath.
Photo of child waking in the night.
Photo of toddlers napping midday.
Photo of child with sleep apnea wearing cpap.
Photo of child wearing breathing strip to ease snoring.
Photo of little boy waking from nightmare.
Photo of teddy bear dropped by sleepwalking child.
Photo of child wearing allergy mask to sleep.
Photo of medications on bedside table.
Photo of teen studying late into the night.
Photo of baby sleeping with pacifier.
Photo of mother tucking son into pleasant bed.
Photo of little girl sleeping at school.
Photo of teen sitting up late on computer.
Photo of little girl sitting awake at night with worries.

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Children's Health Slideshow Pictures: Top Reasons Your Child Can't Sleep

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