August 31, 2015

Salt Shockers: High-Sodium Surprises

Spoon full of salt.
T.V. Dinner
Bowl of Cereal
Vegetable Juices
Canned Vegtables
Mom looking at the sodium levels on some packaged deli meats.
Bowl of Soup with Bread.
Marinades and Flavorings
Women looking at all the diffrent spaghetti sauce.
Dishes with many diffrent types of spices.
Aw Nuts!
Little Pretzels.
Pre-Packaged Soup
Hot dog with lots of condiments on it.
Watch the Serving Size
Food Label Claims
Reading the food label on the back of a box of cereal.
Medicine tablet dropping into some water.
French Onion Soup
Fish can be a lower-sodium choice.
Women learning the Dos' when dining out.
Avoid a Fast-Food Fiasco
A couple discussing which individuals should go low-sodium.
Make notes and track your sodium intake.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and Fitness


Reviewed by James Beckerman, MD, FACC on Sunday, February 02, 2014

Salt Shockers Slideshow: High-Sodium Surprises

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