May 6, 2016

Scabies Pictures: Stop the Itch Mite

SEM Image of scabies mite.
Prolonged person-to-person contact can lead to the transmission of scabies.
Illustration of a scabies infestation on the arm.
A puppy that has been stricken with mange, the canine form of scabies.
Scabies produce small red bumps and blisters as shown on the wrist of this patient.
A scabies burrow under magnification. The scaly patch at the left is due to scratching of the original papule. The mite traveled from there to the upper right, where it can be seen as a dark spot at the end of the burrow.
Itching is the most common symptom of scabies.
A doctor examines a patient's arm for scabies.
A person applying applies a cream application to treat scabies.
A person taking takes medication to combat scabies.
Antihistamine pills can help provide relief from scabies itching.
Washing linens and bedclothes will help reduce the spread of scabies.
Person cuts their fingernails and vacuums their rug.
Images of acne (left), mosquito bites (center) and scabies (right). Early case similarities between the three can sometimes lead to misdiagnosis.
A senior couple in a nursing home.
Norwegian scabies in an AIDS patient.

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Scabies Slideshow: Stop the Itch Mite

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