April 25, 2015

Taking Care of Your Kitten

Woman snuggling fluffy kitten
Litter of kittens in a basket
Two kittens with white paws sleeping
Cat carrier, kitten food, litter box, and toys
Kitten in grass about to pounce
Two kittens looking at bowl of kitten food
Kitten drinking water
Scooping out kitty litter
Kitten sleeping
Playing with kitten
Kitten playing with ribbons
Kitten using scratching post
Kitten's sharp claws and whiskers
Nail clippers for cats
Kittens hissing at garlic and onions
Kitten sniffing red potted flowers
Vet with kitten ready for spay/neuter
Kitten scratching with hind leg
Common roundworm, toxocara canis
Kitten getting vaccinated
Close-up of of sleepy looking cat
Vet holding kitten
Cat stretching in grass, inset kitten photo

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Reviewed by Audrey Cook, BVM&S, Dip ACVIM on Monday, July 11, 2011

Pet Health Slideshow: Taking Care of Your Kitten

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