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Relenza: Consumer Questions and Answers (cont.)

What do the terms treatment of the flu and prevention (prophylaxis) of the flu mean?

Treatment is used when a person is given Relenza because they have the signs and symptoms of the flu or have been diagnosed with the flu. Relenza has been shown to lessen the amount of time people are sick with the flu.

Prevention (prophylaxis) is when someone who does not have flu symptoms is given Relenza to help stop them from getting the flu because they are exposed to or come into close contact with someone (for example live with or take care of someone) who has the flu.

Do I take Relenza the same way for treatment and prevention (prophylaxis) of the flu?

No. The number of times a day (frequency) and the number of days (duration) that you take Relenza are different for treatment and prevention (prophylaxis) of the flu. Your healthcare providers will tell you how to take Relenza. Take it exactly as your healthcare provider prescribes.

What should I do if I continue to have or start to develop flu symptoms while taking Relenza?

If your flu symptoms do not go away, or if you get new symptoms while taking Relenza, contact your healthcare provider. Other illnesses cause people to have symptoms similar to the flu, or may occur at the same time as the flu, and they might need other treatment.

How is Relenza supplied?

Relenza is a powder that you inhale into your mouth using a device called a Diskhaler. The powder is in a pouch called a blister. There are 4 blisters on each circular medication pack (Rotadisks). Each blister contains 5 mg of medicine. Each box of Relenza contains five Rotadisks

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