May 27, 2017

25 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Health Issues

Photo of Siberian Husky.
Photo of English Bulldog.
Photo of man holding pug.
Photo of German Shepard laying down.
Photo of Lab on beach.
Photo of dog in car.
Photo of Shih Tzu in grass.
Photo of Boxer dog looking at camera.
Photo of two Dachshunds.
Photo of Doberman looking down.
Photo of lazy Cocker Spaniel.
Photo of Yorkie on beach.
Photo of dog licking nose.
Photo of Poodle.
Photo of Rottweiler puppy laying down.
Photo of black Miniature Schnauzer.
Photo of Chihuahua on pink background.
Photo of closeup of Pomeranian.
Photo of two dogs playing.
Photo of Great Dane on white.
Photo of dog looking out of car window
Photo of Maltese on white.
Photo of Boston Terrier.
Photo of dog sniffing air.
Photo of Spaniel.
Photo of tails making a heart.

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Reviewed by Amy Flowers, DVM on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pet Health Slideshow Pictures: 25 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Health Issues

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