August 24, 2016

Concerta User Reviews

Concerta - User Reviews

Concerta User Reviews

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Comment from: svjohnston80, 25-34 on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: February 13

My 5 year old has been taking this medication for about a year and I would have to say overall I am satisfied. I have noticed like another parent who posted on here that when it wears off, she is a moster, but it works while she is in school and has helped her be a great student. One more comment I would like to make is that I don't think calling parents who use concerta "lazy parents" is appropriate. I personally have tried everything, including behavior management and researched all of the medications and struggled a lot when making the decision to medicate my daughter and what to medicate my child with, so please don't insult people. You don't know their situation until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Comment from: Spazzylady, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: December 14

Just diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, always suspected my lack of focus, follow through and flitting about from job to job, relationships and manic-like episodes were more than they appeared. Within the first week of taking Concerta, I was calmer, more focused, slept better, got more done systematically and specifically was able to "shut off" my compulsive thinking patterns.

Comment from: emsmom, 7-12 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year Published: October 20

Took my daughter off completely after lowering the dosage did not help with the side effects: weight loss, behavioral changes, stuffy nose leading to bleeds (about a dozen a day - worse at nights), tummy & headaches, lack of growth. A Zombie at school (but focused) as well as at home. There was also increased irritability and lack of emotions. She stated that she 'did not feel right' on Concerta. Withdrawl after stopping Concerta as bad as the side effects while taking them. She is now on natural dietary supplements as well as doing 'Play Attention'. I finally have my child back!! She will not be ever drugged by Concerta again! Of course the teacher is not happy that I took her off the 'quick fix pill' but my childs overall health and wellbeing is my foremost concern. Grades and performance at school are important but priority is her health. After reading up diligently on Concerta with its side effects and unknown long term effects I am in shock that these meds are prescribed on a daily basis to our children!!

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Comment from: sakura_aoki, 13-18 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: December 21

I personally did great on it. IT is the first and only Add drug i have ever had and it works great with anti-depressants that i have tried. For about a month i had to go on buspar for anxiety but that went away. I didn't feel like i was drugged, i just felt more focused. It is nothing like caffeine for me (which i tend to subconsciously medicate if i miss a dose). It is a drug you can miss a dose and not fall apart as long as you aren't Hyperactive (maybe it is ok to do that too but i wouldn't know). It takes about thirty minutes to kick in so if you are in school then take it early. It really is what i needed even though my father does not like me on stimulants and my mother took about 6 years to finally agree. It also makes driving much much easier, but be careful if you learn on it do not drive without it. I got in every accident i have on days i missed it. To tell the truth it isn't addicting, it is more fun for me not to take it, but it really helps focus and sometimes even sleep. And parents should listen to their kids more if they think they might have it, it is very depressing to be told you are wrong when you know something isn't working right.

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Comment from: ajmom, 7-12 Female on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year Published: October 15

My 9 year old son started this mid-year of his third grade. This was the hardest decision for me. I felt I was drugging my kid. However, I am so glad I did it. Yes, the C's have turned to A and B's however this is not why I did it. His self esteem has skyrocketed. Every night isn't spent crying over school, begging to take the grade over again and making up fake ailments to get out of going to school. He was below state average in reading and is now in accelerated. He could read anything but close the book and not have any clue what he read. Now he actually enjoys reading. He did tell me I should go to the dr and tell him the medicine didn't work because "he still doesn't like school". Having a 9 year old that doesn't like school isn't out of the norm. He did lose some weight and seems to be overly thirsty. He only takes it on school days; he doesn't take on weekends or summer. I like that he doesn't have to be on it all the time.

Comment from: shane, 13-18 Female on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: May 14

I have taken Concerta for about 7 years now. I am almost 19 at the moment. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. I have since been rediagnosed with ADD. I grew out of the hyperactivity. I have tried many medications throughout the years and always come back to Concerta. I take 72mg daily. It is great for focusing on anything. But thats also the problem, ANYTHING includes slacking. In order for any medication to work, the patient must be willing to helo it. I have to motivate myself to start homework, but once i do, i stay focused. SIDE AFFECTS: There are many side affects im afraid. Excessive sweating caused by the stimulants in the drug, loss of appitite, i got migraines at age 13. Daily headaches, stomach pains, insomnia. My doctor told me that Concerta was probably the cause of all of it. But a word of advice for any parent or patient, if you have trouble sleeping at night becuase you are coming down off the drug, look into the over-the-counter suppliment MELATONIN. its not a sleeping pill but it helps to relax so you can fall asleep. Also try taking the medication as early as 6:00am, you should be tired enough to sleep at around 10:30 if you are like me. In my opinion, Concerta is pretty good, I'd rather be on it that Vyvance, Focalin, Adderall, or Strattera. Please compare side affects if you are considering changing. Adderall is a living h*ll when you come down off of it, and vyvnace can make you tempermental. Straterra made my neighbor start pulling out her hair and she thought the toothfairy lived in her doll house. Im not joking. It was very serious. Focalin makes the patient a emotionless zombie. Concerta has been the best so far. Hope this helps.

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