February 7, 2016

A Picture Guide to Skin Cancer

Man wearing baseball cap on beach.
Close-up of actinic keratosis skin lesion.
Close-up of actinic cheilitis on lower lip.
Close-up of cutaneous horn on scalp of elderly man
Benign nevus, or mole, above a woman's lip
Atypical nevi, or moles, on female torso
Nurse pointing out abnormal mole on woman's back.
Asymmetrical mole.
Atypical raised mole with blurred edges.
Atypical mole showing several different colors.
Measuring the diameter of an atypical mole.
Pigmented and raised atypical mole.
Woman in towel checking skin in bathroom mirror.
Dermatologist checking mole for melanoma
Scanning electron micrograph of a melanoma cell
Collage of melanoma.
Close-up of squamous cell carcinoma.
Close-up of Bowen Disease skin lesion,
Collage of basal cell carcinoma.
Woman tanning on sunny beach.
Golfer about to tee off on cool morning.

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Reviewed by Gary W. Cole, MD, FAAD on Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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