High Blood Pressure Slideshow Pictures: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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Illustration of hypertension.

Photo of a hypertension chart.

Photo of woman stretching after a workout indicating a normal blood pressure level.

Photo of referee blowing a whistle indicating a warning for prehypertension level.

Photo of tea kettle steaming indicating hypertension danger zone level.

Photo of burning candles on cake.

Photo of an African-American chef seasoning a dish.

Photo of measuring cups full of various salt amounts.

A photo portrays the high stress job of an emergency dispatcher.

Photo of man squeezing fat.

A photo of a half glass of wine.

A photo of a cup of coffee on the counter.

A photo of pregnant woman sitting on a park bench eating a snack.

Photo of a sick woman blowing her nose.

A photo of a man talking with his doctor.

A photo of kids eating chips.

A photo of man holding fruit.

A photo of a couple walking together.

A photo of diuretics, glass of water and bananas.

An illustration of the human heart.

An illustration of clogged and unclogged arteries.

A photo of a doctor with ARBs.

A photo of a man with pills.

A photo of a daily pill box.

A photo of a woman doing yoga.

A photo of a woman eating a healthy sandwich.

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