August 24, 2016
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Supprelin LA

"An investigational long-acting form of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) given twice a month has achieved efficacy and safety at 2 years, new data show.

The novel long-acting recombinant human growth hormone fusion protein somav"...


Supprelin LA


Mechanism of Action

SUPPRELIN LA is a GnRH agonist and an inhibitor of gonadotropin secretion when given continuously. It delivers approximately 65 mcg histrelin acetate per day. Both animal and human studies indicate that following an initial stimulatory phase, chronic, subcutaneous administration of histrelin acetate desensitizes responsiveness of the pituitary gonadotropin which, in turn causes a reduction in ovarian and testicular steroidogenesis.

In humans, administration of histrelin acetate results in an initial increase in circulating levels of LH and FSH, leading to a transient increase in concentration of gonadal steroids (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in males, and estrone and estradiol in premenopausal females).

However, continuous administration of histrelin acetate causes a reversible down-regulation of the GnRH receptors in the pituitary gland and desensitization of the pituitary gonadotropes. These inhibitory effects result in decreased levels of LH and FSH.


Long-term treatment with histrelin acetate suppresses the LH response to GnRH causing LH levels to decrease to prepubertal levels within 1 month of treatment. As a result, serum concentrations of sex steroids (estrogen or testosterone) also decrease. Consequently, secondary sexual development ceases to progress in most patients. Additionally, linear growth velocity is slowed which improves the chance of attaining predicted adult height.


Pharmacokinetics of histrelin after implantation of SUPPRELIN LA was evaluated in a total of 47 children with CPP (11 subjects in Study 1 and 36 subjects in Study 2). Patients were examined at 4 weeks after implant insertion and a few times throughout the treatment period. Median serum histrelin concentrations remained above the limit of quantification for the treatment period. Histrelin acetate levels were sustained throughout the study period for most subjects (Figure 3). The median of maximum serum histrelin concentrations over the study period was 0.43 ng/mL, which is expected to maintain gonadotropins at prepubertal levels. There was no apparent pharmacokinetic difference between na´ve subjects to a LHRH agonist treatment and subjects who had previous treatment with a LHRH agonist (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Mean and Standard Deviation of Serum Histrelin Concentrations (ng/mL) Results at Each Visit

Mean and Standard Deviation of Serum Histrelin Concentrations - Illustration

Clinical Studies

The efficacy of SUPPRELIN LA in children with CPP has been evaluated in two single-arm, open label studies. Study 1 was conducted in 11 pretreated female patients, 3.7 to 11.0 years of age. Study 2 was conducted in 36 patients (33 females and 3 males), 4.5 to 11.6 years of age. Sixteen pretreated and 20 treatment-na´ve patients were enrolled in Study 2. Baseline patient characteristics were typical of patients with CPP. Efficacy assessments were similar in both studies and included endpoints that measured the suppression of gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone) and gonadal sex steroids (estrogen in girls and testosterone in boys, respectively) on treatment. Other assessments were clinical (evidence of stabilization or regression of signs of puberty) or gonadal steroid-dependent (bone age, linear growth). In Study 2, the primary measure of efficacy was LH suppression.

In Study 2, suppression of LH was induced in all treatment na´ve subjects and maintained in all pretreated subjects at Month 1 after implantation and continued through Month 12 (suppression was defined as a peak LH < 4 mIU/mL following stimulation with the GnRH analog leuprolide acetate).

Secondary efficacy hormone assessments (FSH, estradiol and testosterone) and additional efficacy assessments (bone age advancement, linear growth, clinical progression of puberty) indicated stabilization of disease. Estradiol suppression was present in all 33 girls (100%) through Month 9 and 97% at Month 12. Testosterone suppression was maintained in the three pre-treated males participating in Study 2. The SUPPRELIN LA effect on efficacy endpoints in the Study 1 was consistent with that observed in Study 2.

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