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"Dec. 14, 2010 -- Warning that the prescription cough medicine Tessalon has a “candy-like appearance” that may attract children, the FDA says it is stiffening the drug's warning label to prevent accidental ingestion, which can and has caused death"...



TESSALON (benzonatate) acts peripherally by anesthetizing the stretch receptors located in the respiratory passages, lungs, and pleura by dampening their activity and thereby reducing the cough reflex at its source. It begins to act within 15 to 20 minutes and its effect lasts for 3 to 8 hours. TESSALON (benzonatate) has no inhibitory effect on the respiratory center in recommended dosage.

Pharmacist reviewed on 10/30/2014

Prescribing Document Revised: January 2011

This monograph has been modified to include the generic and brand name in many instances.


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Tessalon User Reviews

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