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TheraCys (bcg live (intravesical)) is retained in the bladder for as long as possible up to 2 hours and then voided. To avoid transmission of BCG to others, for 6 hours after treatment, patients should void while seated in order to avoid splashing of urine. Urine voided during this time should be disinfected for 15 minutes with an equal volume of household bleach before flushing or disposal. Unless medically contraindicated, patients should be instructed to increase fluid intake in order to "flush" the bladder for several hours following treatment with TheraCys (bcg live (intravesical)) . Patients may experience burning with the first void after treatment.

Because TheraCys (bcg live (intravesical)) contains live mycobacteria, excreted urine may also contain live bacteria. Patients should be advised on appropriate infection control procedures to protect family and close contacts from infection.

Fever, chills, malaise, flu-like symptoms, increased fatigue or an increase in urinary symptoms, (such as burning or pain on urination) are not uncommon. However, patients should notify their physicians if any of these symptoms last more than 48 hours or increase in severity. Patients should also notify their physicians if they experience any of the following: an increase in urinary symptoms (such as urgency, frequency of urination, blood in urine), joint pain, eye complaints (such as pain, irritation or redness), cough, skin rash, jaundice or vomiting.

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