January 29, 2015

Top Muscle-Building Moves for Men

Photo of muscular man in gym.
Photo of hammer curl.
Photo of preacher curl.
Photo of tricep pushdown.
Photo of bench press.
Photo of bench press repetitions.
Photo of front shoulder raise.
Photo of lateral shoulder raise.
Photo of wide grip pulldown.
Photo of kettleball twist.
Photo of super set.
Photo of compound set.
Photo of leg press.
Photo of squat with barbell.
Photo of romanian dead lift.
Photo of calf raise.
Photo of muscle confusion exercise.
Photo of man after intense workout.
Photo of healthy lunch.
Photo of smoothie with whey protein.
Photo of man drinking water.
Photo of vitamin supplements.
Photo of steroids and weights.
Photo of two guys lifting weights.

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Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on Friday, June 17, 2011

Exercise and Fitness Slideshow Pictures: Top Muscle-Building Moves for Men

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