July 26, 2016
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"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Orbactiv (oritavancin), a new antibacterial drug to treat adults with skin infections.

Orbactiv is approved to treat patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSS"...




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IMPORTANT: HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION: This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you. This information is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of your health care professional. Always ask your health care professional for complete information about this product and your specific health needs.




WARNING: Adults with moderate to severe kidney disease who are using telavancin to treat serious lung infections may be at an increased risk for death. Discuss the risks and benefits of this medication, as well as other effective and possibly safer treatments for lung infections, with your doctor.

Telavancin may cause or worsen kidney problems. Problems are more likely to occur if you have heart failure, kidney disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, or if you take certain medications (see also Drug Interactions section). Kidney function tests must be performed before you start treatment, during treatment, and after you finish treatment to check for kidney problems. Tell your doctor right away if you have any symptoms of kidney problems such as a change in the amount of urine.

This drug may cause harm to an unborn baby if used during pregnancy. Women of childbearing age should have a pregnancy test before starting this medication. It is important to prevent pregnancy while using this medication. Consult your doctor for more details and to discuss the use of reliable forms of birth control while using this medication. If you become pregnant or think you may be pregnant, tell your doctor immediately.

USES: This medication is an antibiotic used to treat serious bacterial infections of the skin and certain types of pneumonia. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

HOW TO USE: Read the Medication Guide provided by your pharmacist before you start using telavancin and each time you get a refill. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

This medication is given by injection into a vein as directed by your doctor, usually once a day. It should be injected slowly over 60 minutes. The dosage and length of treatment is based on your weight, medical condition, and response to treatment.

If you are giving this medication to yourself at home, learn all preparation and usage instructions from your health care professional. Before using, check this product visually for particles or discoloration. If either is present, do not use the liquid. Learn how to store and discard medical supplies safely.

Antibiotics work best when the amount of medicine in your body is kept at a constant level. Therefore, use this drug at evenly spaced intervals.

Continue to use this medication until the full prescribed amount is finished, even if symptoms disappear after a few days. Stopping the medication too early may allow bacteria to continue to grow, which may result in a return of the infection.

Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens.

Report Problems to the Food and Drug Administration


You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit the FDA MedWatch website or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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