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"Make sure your child gets all doses of Hib vaccine for best protection against Hib disease. Hib bacteria can cause severe diseases like meningitis (an infection of the fluid and lining around the brain and spinal cord).

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Vivotif Oral



The attenuated Ty21a strain is a mutant of Salmonella typhi, which is deficient in the enzyme UDP-4-galactose epimerase. This results in the organisms being unable to effectively metabolize galactose. When grown in the presence of adequate amounts of galactose, the organism accumulates galactose-containing metabolites and ultimately undergoes spontaneous lysis. In the presence of a restricted supply of galactose the organism develops the smooth lipopolysaccharide coat believed to be necessary for immune response. In the intestine, where galactose is normally present, it is however unable to survive for long. The vaccine strain cannot be detected in the stools after 3 days following oral ingestion.

Clinical Trials

In one clinical study conducted in Egypt, in children above 6 years of age, oral ingestion of the vaccine as a solution preceded by a dose of sodium bicarbonate to reduce gastric activity (in order to reduce lysis of the organism in the stomach), provided approximately 95% protection against typhoid. In another study, conducted in Chile, enteric coated capsules provided approximately 70% protection. The duration of protection conferred by Vivotif Oral (typhoid vaccine) remains to be fully established. However, repeat vaccination is not considered necessary within 12 months after initial vaccination.

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