May 27, 2017
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"Rubella is usually mild in children. But for some peopleā€”especially pregnant women and their babiesā€”rubella can be serious. Make sure you and your child are protected from rubella by getting vaccinated on schedule.

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More than 1.4 million doses of Ty21a have been administered in controlled clinical trials and more than 150 million doses of Vivotif (Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a) have been marketed world-wide. Active surveillance for adverse reactions of enteric-coated capsules was performed in a pilot study (21) and in a subgroup of a large field trial (14) involving a total of 483 individuals receiving 3 vaccine doses. The overall symptom rates from both studies when vaccinated with capsules were combined and shown to be: abdominal pain (6.4%), nausea (5.8%), headache (4.8%), fever (3.3%), diarrhea (2.9%), vomiting (1.5%) and skin rash (1.0%). Only the incidence of nausea occurred at a statistically higher frequency in the vaccinated group as compared to the placebo group (14). Administration of vaccine doses more than 5- fold higher than the currently recommended dose caused only mild reactions in an open study involving 155 healthy adult males (16).

Post-marketing surveillance has revealed that adverse reactions are infrequent and mild (17). Adverse reactions reported to the manufacturer during 1991–1995, during which time over 60 million doses (capsules) were administered, included: diarrhea (N = 45), abdominal pain (N = 42), nausea (N = 35), fever (N = 34), headache (N = 26), skin rash (N = 26), vomiting (N = 18), or urticaria in the trunk and/or extremities (N = 13). One isolated, non-fatal anaphylactic shock considered to be an allergic reaction to the vaccine was reported.

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact PaxVax, Inc. at 1-800-533-5899; or contact the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) at 1-800- 822-7967 or

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Several anti-malaria drugs, such as mefloquine, chloroquine and proguanil (not approved for use in US) possess anti-bacterial activity which may interfere with the immunogenicity of Vivotif (17,18). To determine the effect of these anti-malaria drugs on the humoral IgG or IgA anti-S. typhi immune response, healthy adult subjects were given mefloquine (250 mg at weekly intervals; N = 30) chloroquine (500 mg at weekly intervals; N = 30) or proguanil (200 mg daily; N = 30) together with the S. typhi Ty21a vaccine strain (19). Concomitant treatment with mefloquine or chloroquine did not result in a significant reduction in the serum anti-S. typhi immune response compared to subjects receiving vaccine strain only (N = 45). The simultaneous administration of proguanil did effect a significant decrease in the immune response rate. These findings indicate that mefloquine and chloroquine can be administered together with Vivotif. Proguanil should be administered only if 10 days or more have elapsed since the final dose of Vivotif was ingested. The concomitant administration of oral polio vaccine or yellow fever vaccine does not suppress the immune response elicited by the Ty21a vaccine strain (19). There are no data regarding simultaneous administration of other parenteral vaccines or immunoglobulins with Vivotif.


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Side Effects

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