September 22, 2014

Weight Control and Smoking Cessation

A young man gives a thumbs-up while holding a broken cigarette.
A doctor examines a chest X-ray.
A woman looks suspiciously at a cigarette and lighter.
A woman is disappointed after weighing herself.
A woman measures her waist.
An excited woman smiles with energy.
A woman exercises on the beach.
A yoga class, a couple going for a walk, and businessmen taking the stairs.
Several mugs of beer and snacks.
CVS Nicotine 7 MG/24HR Patch, CVS Nicotine 2 MG Chewing gum, Nicotrol Cartridge Inhaler, Nicotrol NS 10 MG/ML Spray
A nutritionist discusses healthy eating choices with a woman.
A woman looking dismayed at her weight as she is weighed by her doctor on a medical scale.

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Reviewed by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD on Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Weight Control and Smoking Cessation Slideshow

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